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Tattoos 19

Thousands of individuals each year undergo tattoo removal procedures after eventually regret having them. After the initial excitement and thrill, a large number of people realize that they have committed a blunder and want the tattoo removed. Tattoo removal has now become a million dollar business. There are various ways to get rid of tattoo. Some of the tattoo removal techniques are:

The area to be treated is frozen and then the skin where the tattoo is located is rubbed or scratched with a rotary abrasive brush or diamond fraise. It removes the top few layers of skin and finally tattoo is removed as the sanding goes deeper into the skin. The procedure is very painful and often turns out to be ineffective as it causes the skin to bleed and may leave a scar. There is always the risk of infection.

Sal abrasion is a centuries-old technique. Anesthetic is used to numb the area to be treated. Then salt-water solution is applied onto the tattoo. The area is then abraded with a tool similar to what is used in the dermabrasion procedure. The method is effective only in the case of superficial tattoos and requires multiple treatments. This technique is successful only in fading the tattoo and not completely removing it.