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Pictures of girls with tattoos

Female tattoos are a new fashion Mode for kids hip and chic. In the last ten years, tattoos have become more acceptable to the public. With the Hollywood hottest stars be it Angelina Jolie, Amy Winehouse or Megan Fox sporting their tattoos in front of the media world, he did not come as a big surprise that tattoos are becoming more and more common with girls and women. They are ink their body to get a tattoo done on their bodies.
Female tattoos are smaller, delicate and feminine in design. They are varied and unique to match the individuality of all tattooed girls. There are many different attractive girl tattoos like demons, vixens, pin-up girl tattoos, sparrows, Sacred heart, angel wings, tiger, butterflies, hearts, roses and cherry blossoms. Girls get their tattoos done on the back, left shoulder, ankle, upper breast, stomach, or bikini area. Tattoos on shoulder have more visibility and especially looks great when wearing, sleeveless tops, tank tops or straps Top. Ankle tattoos cute and great accent when wearing sandals, flip flops or sandals.

Design tattoos for women

Tattoos For Girls

In the old days tattoos were worn mainly by men. Typically you would see them on bikers or sailors or military men. Now tattoos are becoming more and more main stream. Now it is very common to see girls with a tattoo. In this article we will discover which ones are good tattoos for girls and where are the best places for girls to get inked.

Most of the ones you see on girls tend to be smaller and obviously more feminine in nature. Some of the more common ones are butterfly tattoos (probably the most popular), star tattoos, heart tattoos, fairy tattoos and tribal tattoos. Some other popular female designs are dolphin tattoos, dragon tattoos and Celtic tattoos. As you can see a lot of these designs, such as fairy and butterfly tattoos are more on the feminine side. However some women go for the more masculine tattoos such as dragon tattoos. It just comes down to personal preference.

Now that you know the what some of the popular tattoos for girls are let's find the popular places to put them. One of the more popular places for women to get inked is on their lower back. These tattoos on the lower back are commonly referred to as "tramp stamps". Other popular places are on the foot, the ankle, the wrist, and the back of the neck. Some even opt to put their design on their shoulder or upper arm. As you can there are several popular places to chose from if you want to "follow the crowd" with your tattoo destination choice.

Women also have a more choices then do men, with their choice of design. They can go with a design that is every bit as masculine as any man's design or, as stated above, go with a nice feminine design. They can go with black and white coloring or almost any other color they wish. And they can get inked almost anywhere on their body and have it look good and tasteful.

As you can see there are many different tattoos for girls. There are also many places and design option for the lady to choose from when they go to the tattoo parlor.

Tattoos For Women

If I asked you which were the highest growth industries in the U.S during the last twenty years or so you would be likely to immediately think of such things as the internet and the health/fitness industries and of course you would be right. However you may be surprised to learn that way up there with those giants would be the humble tattoo industry.

Body adornment in the form of tattooing is of course an ancient form of personal decoration which has been used to both assert one's individuality within a group and also to mark oneself out as a part of a group within a larger group, for example for members within the same military unit or for gang members. Although traditionally seen as a male habit the first recorded example of tattooing is of an Egyptian High Priestess with tattooed arms dating back to 2000 B.C. and in fact it is estimated that the ratio of female / male tattoos performed in the U.S today is approximately 60 / 40 in favor of the ladies!

So why has there been this change in attitude towards tattoos for women? A major factor is the change in the U.S economy over the last twenty or thirty years from one based on male dominated heavy industry to a more service based and female friendly one. Previously tattoos were associated with male dominated 'blue collar' workers which put most women off getting a tattoo in the same way as even the most 'reconstructed' male today would find it difficult to carry a handbag however convenient they are.

Accompanying the rise in female employment has been the rise of today's ' celebrity' culture. Many of these high profile women sport a large variety of tattoos which have served not only to add a sense of glamour to the art of tattooing but have helped tattoos for women to become more socially acceptable.
Which types of tattoo do women tend to go for? The most common tattoos for women are nature or mythology based, most commonly of flowers or fairies. Women tend to choose a tattoo design which will complement their body shape, typically in a flowing pattern whereas men tend to make a statement with their tattoos and wear it more like a badge.

A common time for women to get a tattoo is to mark a major event in their lives such as a birth or marriage/divorce. If you are considering getting a tattoo there are many websites to surf where you can not only get some ideas about the design or location of your tattoo but can see examples to help you decide if it will really work on you.

The growth of the market in tattoos for women has been a modern phenomenon. A 2006 study by the American Institute of Dermatology found that 24% of Americans have at least one tattoo and whilst a high 83% of them said they didn't regret it, should that ever occur the widespread availability of laser and light removal techniques has removed any concerns you may have for even the most personal tattoos. Safe, fun and sexy, it has never been a better time to decorate yourself with your own beautiful tattoos ladies!

Skull Tattoos Designs

If you're considering getting a skull tattoo, then you're not alone! Skull tattoos are one of the coolest, most interesting type of tattoo to get. In this guide, we're going to take a closer look at some of the main design ideas available to you. So let's begin.

Firstly, you can get a skull in a wide variety of locations. However, they are usually places on the arm and shoulder area, either as a full or half sleeve, or a smaller skull-style icon.

The simpler designs often incorporate tribal styling as well, which tends to flow around the skull shape - often in the style of pointed wings. If you're looking for something more artistic, then there's a lot of choice. You can find intimidating hellish designs which usually include lots of bold, striking color to illustrate flames, fire, and other ghoulish design ideas.

For a more comic effect, you can find designs which include skulls smoking cigarettes, or cartoonish design. For a more chilling effect, you can go for a demonic design, which often includes horror elements such as blood, grim reaper scythes, and swords or other weapons.

Some of the artistic designs occasionally use an "almost human" style of face, with parts of the skull creeping through. This can create a chilling, haunting effect. But be warned - your tattoo is sure to scare kids!
Death and demonic themes are hugely prevalent in skull designs, so most of the designs are created to give an intimidating feel. However, some of them also include flowers - particularly roses - for a bitter-sweet romantic feel.

If you're looking for something unconventional, a little scary, or funny - then getting a skull tattoo may be for you. But remember, there's many, many different designs in this category - so it's worth doing some research before you pick one in particular.